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Natural pet portrait photographer in Frome, Somerset. Beautiful, natural and relaxed pet photography ; dogs, horses, cats, monkeys and crocodiles :-)
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Pet Portrait

Our experience in portraiture leads us towards photographing those family members, who doesn’t say too much but mean a lot.

We offer portraits of your dog, cat, horse or any other animal… in a style that reflects their own personality, no matter whether they are lively creatures, well behaved or ‘pensioner pets’ enjoying the later stages of life.


We photograph the pets in their natural environment where they feel at home, happy and loved. You can also take us for a walk with your pets and we will capture the essence of their individual temperament.

The experience is vastly different from many of the traditional photographer’s studio sessions or superstore offers that provide static scenic sets into which the dog or cat is simply positioned.


Each animal photography session is uniquely designed, takes approximately an hour, cost £45 and includes one photo in digital form. The session is up to two animals, each additional animal is £10.

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