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Intensive whole day or one to one photography courses run in Avon, Somerset and Wiltshire. Everything you need to know about your camera or flash.
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Photography Training Courses

& Digital Photography Workshops

We are skilled professional photographers covering all types of photography from portrait, landscape, events, commercial, weddings all the way through to studio photography. Teaching is our passion and we love passing our knowledge on to our students, giving them the confidence to achieve improved results.

These courses are not only suitable for photographers who wish to improve or refresh their skills, but they are also a perfect introduction for beginners who are absolutely new to photography. All of our courses have been designed to provide theoretical and practical experience to develop your skills and understanding.

Our photography courses currently run in Frome (Somerset) in groups (maximum 7 people) or on a one-to-one basis. We are working on our online booking system, which will be announced soon and enables you the opportunity to choose from 5 different venues. This new feature will give you an option to select the right course, choose the venue and make an online payment. To book your photography course please go to the PHOTOGRAPHY COURSES section in the shop area or CONTACT US.

These Photography Courses are a perfect opportunity to gift a friend, partner, family member or special someone with one of our GIFT VOUCHERS.

Check out what our students think about us…

Explore Your Digital Camera / DSLR £255

5 hours, 10am – 3pm / 4 – 9pm

Are your photographs not exactly what you want? Have you bought a digital camera and don’t understand what it is all about? Would you like to take control over Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO… and also understand how they work together to get you the photo you expect? Then this course is exactly what you need…

Ideal photography course for beginners who would like to learn the skills that allow them to use their camera outside the ‘automatic’ mode. This is a very intense photography course, which will teach you the fundamental operations of your camera. By the end of the course, you will be proficient in understanding the key elements in photography such as Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Depth of Field, White Balance and more. By the end of this course you will know:

• What is APERTURE? What Aperture controls and how it works.

• What is SHUTTER SPEED? What impact it has on your photos and how it works.

• What is ISO and how is it linked to Aperture and Shutter Speed?

• What is DEPTH OF FIELD (DOF)? And how to control it to achieve a strong foreground against a nicely blurred background.

• What is WHITE BALANCE and what is WB responsible for?

• What is the best CAMERA MODE to use and when? Including the full MANUAL MODE.

• How to measure light using a camera metering system and how METERING MODES affect your photos.

• What accessories and lenses to use for each situation.

• Correct composition, angles and techniques.

• Practice session both indoors and outdoors.

• Own camera is preferred but not essential.

Explore digital camera / DSLR photography course is ideal for people of all ages and all levels of knowledge. You will need to bring your camera, at least one lens, charged batteries and enough energy to absorb all of the information (: Drinks and refreshments will be provided.

If you wish to purchase this course as a gift, please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY VOUCHERS section in the shop area.

Best of External and Built In Flash £255

5 hours, 10am – 3pm / 4 – 9pm

How many times have you needed to use your FLASH while taking photographs, but you didn’t and the result was much lower than satisfying? External or built in (pop up) flash can be difficult to use and many photographers try to avoid it. If you understand flash and you know how to use it correctly, you won’t have to.

Best of external and built in flash is a ONE to ONE 5 hour photography course, which will teach you everything you need to know about the “built in” camera or external flash and how to use it. 

This flash photography course will help you to improve your skills in low light conditions, bright sunny days or in any other situations where you need more light to get better exposure. What the “Sync Speed” is, how Shutter, Aperture and ISO are related when working with the flash and much more will be explained.

We will demonstrate different lighting techniques such as “Off Camera Flash” and show you how to combine flash and ambient light together to get the right “light” balance. You will understand and will be able to use flash, which will improve your photography enormously.

Best of External and Built In Flash photography course is suitable for people of all ages, who have basic knowledge about photography and their camera. You will need to bring your camera, standard zoom, prime or wide-angle lens, charged batteries and a memory card. Drinks and refreshment will be provided.

If you wish to purchase this course as a gift, please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY VOUCHERS section in the shop area.

Essential Editing in Photoshop  £255

5 hours, 10am – 3pm / 4 – 9pm

Adobe Photoshop is the most popular and famous editing software in photography industry. If you want to become a “master” in Photoshop we can help you to start and put you on the right track.  This photography course is focused on essential editing techniques and tools Adobe Photoshop offers and you will need for enhancing your photos…

This is a ONE to ONE intensive photography course where you will learn about essential tools and features of Adobe Photoshop. You will gain a widespread amount of knowledge in selections, cloning, removing unwanted objects, correct cropping, resizing… and about the most powerful and important features such as LAYERS and MASKING techniques.

We will teach you simple techniques such as a “colour splash”, making people slimmer, making them smile, opening their eyes and other Photoshop “surgeries” needed these days to impress.

Editing in Adobe Photoshop is like riding a bike; once you learn it, you will never forget it and most importantly you will enjoy it!

This 5 hour photography course is suitable for beginners and for intermediate photographers. We will work with your photographs and will tailor the course to your needs. Computer, drinks and refreshment provided.

If you wish to purchase this course as a gift, please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY VOUCHERS section in the shop area.

Adobe Lightroom – all you need to know  £255

5 hours, 10am – 3pm / 4 – 9pm

Adobe Lightroom is a powerful editing software suitable for individual and batch editing. Can you imagine to work with thousand’s RAW files or jpeg images at the same time? If you are a wedding, sport, event or amateur photographer, Adobe Lightroom saves you hours… we guarantee!!! 

This is a ONE to ONE intense photography course which will teach you how to edit multiple photographs at once using Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom photography course gives you the ability to enhance your photographs and take control over each aspect of your photograph.

You will learn about Raw files and how to “cook” them, how to make simple and advanced adjustments, how to create and save your own presets, how to apply filters, how to protect your photos by watermark, how to resize them for printing or the Internet and much more.

No more time spent fiddling with your photos, this course is the answer to speed up. It will be the best 5 hours you spend learning!

Adobe Lightroom photography course is suitable for beginners and for those who are already experienced in photography or have taken our ‘Explore Your Digital Camera photography course’. We will work with your photographs and will tailor the course to your needs. Computer, drinks and refreshment provided.

If you wish to purchase this course as a gift, please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY VOUCHERS section in the shop area.

Become a Wedding Photographer £295

1 day; 10am – 5pm

Have you been asked to take photos of your friend’s wedding? Did you say YES and are worried or not confident enough? Do you have a camera, computer and some photography skills? If you answered YES at least once, this BECOME A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER COURSE is exactly what you need.

Become a Wedding Photographer is a whole day ONE to ONE photography course, which covers each important aspect of wedding photography. The main part of the course is to get you ready to photograph every part of the wedding. This can be a bride getting ready, church ceremony, formal and informal photographs, cutting of the cake, first dance and more…

The wedding photography course starts with refreshing your knowledge about your camera; Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and other elements. Using a flash is necessary when photographing a wedding. Flash photography is a big part of the tuition and you will understand what flash is, how it works and how to use it and when. We will help you to choose the right equipment and take you through all possible situations which might occur when photographing a wedding.

The whole wedding structure will be explained in detail. We will help you to understand, plan and organise, so you will be prepared and relaxed during the wedding.

Posing and organising people at the wedding can be very awkward and difficult. We will show you how to pose people correctly, how to talk to them and how to get the best group and individual photos of the guest and married couple.

Indoor and outdoor practice will be provided and supervised. We will also take you to a local church, which helps you to understand better how to work in low light condition and how to use your flash in combination with ambient light.

Become a wedding photographer is a comprehensive photography course, which will save you from stress and gives you the pleasure of enjoying the wedding as a photographer and guest. It is ideal for people of all ages with basic understanding of their camera. You will need to bring your camera, at least one lens, flash (not essential), charged batteries, memory card and a relaxed mind to absorb all the information (: Drinks, refreshment and lunch will be provided.

If you wish to purchase this course as a gift, please visit the PHOTOGRAPHY VOUCHERS section in the shop area or contact us.