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35mil Photography | Profile Photographer Somerset
Professional profile picture photographer based in Frome, Somerset offering profile photography for business, social media and dating websites.
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Profile Photography

Social media / Dating websites

Finding love is never easy and after a certain age it can get even harder. The older you are, the less viable or appealing online dating seems. In fact it can be a little scary. But the crazy part is- it works!

Social networks and online dating has become very popular over the past few years, first impression and how you appeal is the key. Your profile photo is very important and often underestimated.

Let us take the profile photos of you and show the public the real person that you are.  Having profile photos taken by 35mil Photography will help you to attract more attention from people – the right people for you.

Your profile picture is your first impression in the digital world...

Our Profile Photography Package cost £45 and includes 3 low-resolution photographs ready to be used on any social networking or dating sites.

Your profile photographs can be taken in the studio or on location such as a park, café, house, town or your favourite chosen place. The full profile photography experience takes up to 45 minutes.


Within 3 days we will prepare between 30 – 50 photographs for you to choose from. These can be viewed at our viewing area. Extra photographs outside the Profile Photography Package can be purchased in high resolution for £10/ each. Please contact us if you have any further questions or you would like to book a Profile Photography Photoshoot.

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Profile photographs obtained in low resolution will be optimised and resized for social media and dating websites.